Flugel is a social entrepreneurial start-up initiated to provide economic opportunities for women who are trafficked or are struggling for a sustainable livelihood and financial stability.

We want to give wings of hope to these women and hence the name ‘flugel’, which depicts freedom from poverty and abuse.

Trafficked Victims: 

We support these victims and survivors of trafficking so that it can empower them to liberate themselves from a victim-minded mental confinement coming from their past traumas and move on to become the integrated members of their families and communities again. 

Women who are forced into commercial sex live in brothels, hence their children are more vulnerable to sexual abuse by the customer. NGO guides these women to keep their kids at shelter homes in order to protect them from abuse. To have their child by their side is every mother’s dream. Through this project we aspire to make her financially independent and empower her so that she can manage her child’s education and also keep her children near her. This can be the most beautiful transition that we look up to in our project.


Abused Women:

Women in abusive relationships frequently lose their jobs and are forced to quit or are fired. Violence has been an important issue in public health for about decades and violence against women is considered one of the most serious social problems surpassing cultural, social and regional boundaries. The World Health Organization recognizes this as a global problem, observed in most countries and in people belonging to all socio-economic classes. Domestic violence is linked to a low economic status and a history of depression in women, and has an inverse relationship with the education level and employment. Hence Flugel works with these women to empower them economically by making them financially independent. 

We believe all women can embrace who they are, and can define their future.


Our Mission

Empower women with confidence and self-esteem enabling them to be financially sustainable. 

Self-help not charity

Our Vision

We envision a world where no woman is abused or exploited especially due to poverty. Every woman is self-sustained and confident of herself.

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 Back to the roots 

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Preserving and protecting the skills and knowledge of traditional crafts has become a growing challenge. So, it is high time that art forms are revived and brought to life by spreading awareness about them in today's urban space. Flugel is aspiring to provide a fair wage to these hard working artisans who make beautiful handcrafted items in an attempt to give job security to them as well as keep this art from getting lost in today's rapid urbanisation.


However, simply empowering them with the skill development did not suffice. It did not help them to break free from their poverty as they lacked marketing skills, knowhow of purchasing raw material and networking to sell their products or services. Hence Flugel established this start-up, thereby providing raw materials and undertaking the initiative to market the hand-made products by these women. Flugel’s ultimate goal is to put an end to this vicious circle of poverty and abuse, and empower these women and make them self-reliant by teaching them the necessary skills to create a business market and sell their products