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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Our journey started from a situation where we had access to very little resources to help our women be financially independent


Pragya Vakil ( from Munich – Germany) who is very active and always to ready to support, helped us to buy our first sewing machine where the women can make fabric products which has helped quite a few women in this journey so far.


We thank Pragya for believing in our cause and standing by us. Being a woman entrepreneur herself, she showed her solidarity with these women and very well understood the struggles involved in kick-starting such a demanding and challenging project.

She wanted to support fellow women who dare to take such initiatives and contribute in making the lives of the underprivileged better. As a token of her gratitude, she provided us with our first very own sewing machine so that the women don't have to be dependent on other sources to get access to sewing facilities or rent out machines. 

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