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I started my professional philanthropic journey with an NGO who dealt with taking care of the children of these women by providing them with shelter homes. During this period, I realized that these kids were missing having a parental figure and their love and care to nourish them. The children stayed in shelter homes away from their mothers due to the abusive work environment of their mothers. Children’s emotional and mental needs sometimes led these children to develop unhealthy behavior patterns and habits. Also, some women due to rejection from society didn’t have any job opportunities.

However, while working for this section of women I came across women who are not trafficked and needed opportunities for their livelihood while living in an abusive relationship.

I wanted to help these women with a sustainable livelihood, so we train them on skills and latest fashion trends in the market and also provide with raw materials to make the products as per client’s requirement and design.

Hence Flugel was set up to support them and give them wings of hope as we believe in self-help not charity.




Milind Barsé Is a Senior Advertising Art director with over 20 years of experience spanning over two continents, India and the UK. He has created successful campaigns for several national and international brands. After working in India with advertising agencies Lowe, JWT, Publicis, and Saatchi & Saatchi, he was headhunted to lead Media Reach Advertising UK and successfully launched two brands that have today become UK’s main ethnic brands and further went on to set up Carrot London advertising.


Sudha Yadav

Content & Research

I am Sudha Yadav, currently living in Munich, Germany. I have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Master’s degree in Climate Science and Policy and Meteorology. 

I find working on social causes and doing groundwork very challenging and motivating, as it gives me a chance to be a change maker in real life. Even though by training I am a climate researcher, I have always found myself intrigued by the policy making challenges that we see in today’s time, and it affects the life of common people, due to which this problem is especially very close to my heart. 

Being from a developing country I have noticed that all major developing countries face many severe problems such as poverty, malnutrition, lack of access to healthcare, education, clean water and diseases like HIV/AIDS. Among these major problems, often issues like human trafficking and abuse gets lost in the pile. I feel that these kinds of problems are even more fundamental in nature as a society. We can’t address bigger challenges unless we address the basic human rights of the oppressed women and children and their social security first. Hence I enjoy my work and association with Flugel as I completely agree with their mission, self- help not charity.



Strategy Planner 

Women in India face exploitation, abuse, violence in every walk of life and in every society. My soul didn't  testify to be just a mere spectator to this gruesome situation of women,  I always wanted to be a part of women upliftment , and the best thing I could do as a contributor was to offer my time and knowledge.

The main reason as to WHY I joined Flugel ,is that, their core values resonates with mine in terms of believing in the concept that the  first step towards women empowerment is making them financially independent. 

I am grateful/ thankful to flugel for providing me the opportunity to be able to use my knowledge and experience in bringing about the change in society.

Moreover the feeling ,that I brought even a minor difference in lives of women has given sense of  purpose to my being and incredible satisfaction.




Ms. Priyakshi Pandey is an Independent Research Scholar by profession and an animal lover by heart. 


She has been associated with Flugel since 2021 as a Research Advisor and Communication Executive.